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Sergey Zhilin

Honoured Artist of Russia


The pianist, composer, band leader and arranger, Sergey Zhilin is considered to be one of the most successful musicians of Russia representing its music culture on the highest international level.

Sergey Zhilin was born in Moscow. In the years spent in the Central Music School at the Conservatoire he was fascinated by classical music. He was said to be destined for the worldwide fame of the academic pianist. But the virtuoso musician took interest in jazz. Thus in 1982, Sergey entered the Musical Improvisation College and in a year he organized the now legendary Fonograf Jazz Band - an orchestra of young musicians playing music of different styles: traditional jazz, soul, mainstream, funk, jazz rock and fusion. Such a striking diversity and flexibility let Sergey Zhilin combine experience of very different collectives from the Presidential Orchestra of Russia under P.Ovsyannikov to rock'n'roll bands and all kind of jazz combos.

In 1987, Fonograf Jazz Band started its performances at the Moscow Regional Philharmonic. Since that time the professional life of the collective has been filled up with various musical projects. In 1990, the first foreign tour through Israel took place and in 1994 Sergey Zhilin with his band had their first recital at the Central House of Cinema.

In 1994, Zhilin was invited to the US-Russia Summit where he took part in the improvised session with President B. Clinton who is a devout saxophone player. The jam-session was a great success, which led Clinton to say then: "It is a great honour for me to play with the best jazz pianist of Russia."

During the return visit of the Russian President to the USA, Zhilin took his "Fonograf Jazz Band" to perform in over 30 concerts. Since that time Zhilin has been in demand in the West. The pianist has played with world jazz and blues stars. His name is in the Jazz Encyclopedia "Jazz. 20th century".

Between 1995 and 2002, Sergey and his band made numerous tours abroad. Zhilin's concerts created a real uproar in the USA, Switzerland, Italy, Germany… Sergey Zhilin was granted the diploma of Master of Arts of the International Academy of Sciences in San Marino, specialization "Pianist, conductor, arranger, pedagogue". By the way, the Chairman of Qualification Commission was the luminary of Russian and world jazz O.Lundstrem.

In 2002, Sergey became the Music Director and chief conductor of the Russian version of the world-known Broadway musical "Chicago", in 2003 he was the music director of the traditional international festival "Days of Russian Culture".

In 2005, Sergey Zhilin was awarded the Title of the Honored Artist of Russia.

Since May 2007 Sergey Zhilin has been musical director and principal conductor of Igor Demarin's Das Parfum rock opera with participation of Fonograf Symphojazz orchestra.

Sergey Zhilin not only performs extensively and often goes on tours, but is also engaged in the recording activity. By now he has made 10 releases on various carriers: CD, VHS, DVD. It is both concert recordings and studio projects, where Sergey Zhilin displays his many gifts: from solo improvisations and piano duets to jam sessions with his fellow jazz, blues and rock

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