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January, 2018
03:00 pm, Sun
Disney Fantasia Animated feature on a large screen accompanied by symphonic orchestra performing music by Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Stravinsky, Dukas, Ponchielli, Elgar, Respighi
Conductor - Fedor Lednev
Natalia Entelis - presenter
Beethoven: Symphony No 5, excerpts, Symphony No 6, 3-5 movements; Tchaikovsky: "Nutcracker" Suite, excerpts; Debussy: "Claire de Lune"; Stravinsky: "Firebird" Suite, excerpts; Ponchielli: Dance of the Hours from "La Gioconda"; Dukas: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"; Elgar: "Pomp and Circumstance", excerpts; Respighi: Pines of Rome, 4 movement
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Sun
Conductor - Alexey Nyaga
Soloist - Sergey Redkin
Weber: Euryanthe Overture; Grieg: Piano Concerto; Mendelssohn: Symphony No 3 "Scottish"
January, 2018
07:00 pm, Sun
Tauric International Symphony Orchestra
Artistic director and conductor - Mikhail Golikov
Shen Jie Yu - piano (China)
Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 5; Kabardokov: Concerto for five instruments with orchestra; Schubert: Symphony No 5
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Tue
To the International Holocaust Remembrance Day
Concert Choir of the St. Petersburg State University of Culture
Artistic director and conductor - Sergey Ekimov
Conductor - Vladimir Altschuler
Polina Osetinskaya - piano; Maxim Rysanov - viola; Alisa Sadikova - harp; Kseniya Rappoport - artistic expression
Valery Galendeev - producer; Gleb Filshtinsky - lighting designer
Kancheli: "Styx" for mixed choir, viola and orchestra; Glinka: Nocturne "La séparation"; J.-S. Bach - Siloti; J.-S. Bach
With cooperation: The Foundation For Music Education Support,
January, 2018
07:00 pm, Tue
Migran Agadzhanyan
Vocal Recital
Anna Tatarchuk - piano
Mozart; Massenet; Rachmaninoff; Leoncavallo
Arias, romances and songs
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Wed
Piano Recital
Organizers: "Make Music" Company
January, 2018
07:00 pm, Wed
Dmitri Makhtin
Violin Music Evening
Beethoven: Sonata No 5 in F major for Violin and Piano ("Spring"); R. Strauss: Sonata for Violin and Piano in E-flat Major; Brahms: Violin Sonata No 1 in G major; Prokofiev: Sonata No 1 for Violin and Piano
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Thur
Nigel Kennedy violin
Vivaldi: Le quattro stagioni
Organizers: Planet plus
January, 2018
07:00 pm, Thur
Surprise Concert
St.Petersburg Youth Orchestra
Artistic director, conductor and soloist (tenor and piano) - Migran Agadzhanyan; conductor - Arseny Shuplyakov
Evgeny Izotov - piano
Mozart: Overture from The Marriage of Figaro, Concerto No 7 for two pianos and orchestra; Beethoven: Symphony No.2
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Fri
"Egyptian campaign"
Irina Buzunova
J. Strauss II: Egyptian March; Saint-Sans: Piano Concerto No 5 "Egyptian"; Verdi: "Aida", Fragments from the Opera; Arensky: Suite from the Ballet "Egyptian Nights"
January, 2018
07:00 pm, Fri
Russian Sacred Music
Male choir "Monastery of Optina"
Artistic director - Alexander Semenov
January, 2018
08:00 pm, Sat
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