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Yury Semenov is performing organist and a scholar. He teaches organ at the St Petersburg Conservatory and Rimsky-Korsakov College of Music. Yu. Semenov studied choir conducting with T. Chitrova and organ with Prof. N. Oxentjan at the St Petersburg Conservatory; his postgraduate studies he continued at the Moscow Conservatory with Prof. L. Roisman. In 1980s,

1990s and 2000s Yu. Semenov served ad the Hermitage museum as a consultant on music instruments and mechanisms. He took part in restoration of the Peacock clock, the early 19th-century musical organ clock constructed by J.G. Strasser, and the 18th-century organ constructed by W. Windrow. Yu. Semenov has discovered, identified, published, and recorded Vladimir Odoyevskys organ music, previously unknown as well as that which had been considered lost. Yu. Semenov has given expert advice on several organ restoration projects in St Petersburg, including the restoration and relocation of the organ of the Chapel of the Order of Malta (2004-2005). Semenov is the author of a number of articles on the history of organ. In 2006-2009 he had taught at Russian Gnessin Academy in Moscow.

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