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Nikolay Khondzinsky



Moscow conductor Nikolai Khondzinsky is a recipient of the Boris Tchaikovsky Prize (2008), a prize-winner at international Bach festivals (2009, 2010) and a recipient of the City of Moscow Government Prize (2014).
In 2011 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire (faculty of opera and symphony conducting). At the Moscow Conservatoire he studied composition and orchestration under Yuri Abdokov. Trained under Professor Edward Serov at the St Petersburg Conservatoire.
Founder, Artistic Director and Conductor of the Russian Conservatoire chamber cappella. This ensemble has won a reputation for reviving undeservedly forgotten masterpieces of 20th century Russian music and European baroque music unknown in Russia. The Russian Conservatoire chamber cappella under Khondzinsky has given the first performances of many works by Zelenka, Bach, Telemann and Sviridov. The ensemble has also featured in projects of Yuri Abdokov’s international arts workshop Terra Musika.
Khondzinskys discography includes the first recordings of all of Shebalins choral cycles (Toccata Classics), Songs for the Front by Shostakovich (Toccata Classics) and many works by Sviridov, Abdokov and Zelenka.
Nikolai Hondzinsky has conceived several unique projects, among them the first performance in Russia of all of Johann Sebastian Bachs religious cantatas.
Nikolai Khondzinskys interpretations are notable for their high degree of professionalism, richness of timbre palette and tremendous sense of form. According to British critic Mark Roberts, the recordings of the Russian Conservatoire under the baton of Nikolai Khondzinsky “it is all but impossible that anyone will surpass this quality in the foreseeable future.” The musicians skill received equally high praise from Karen Khachaturian, who called his work as a conductor dazzling and referred to the maestro himself as one of the most vivid and talented musicians of the new generation.
Khondzinsky is a guest conductor of the Universal Ballet Company (Seoul, South Korea) and the Volgograd Symphony Orchestra. Has collaborated with the Svetlanov State Academic Symphony Orchestra, the Ryazan Music Theatre (in the 2011–2012 season he was the theatres Principal Conductor), the Domestic chamber chorus (Yekaterinburg), the Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra, the Kremlin Ballet, the Russian Opera theatre and the Ballet Moscow theatre.

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