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February, 2018
08:00 pm, Tue
"Music and Sport"
Conductor - Nikolay Khondzinsky
Arseny Mun - piano
Alexander Malich - presenter
L. Mozart: "Musical sledding"; Shostakovich: Piano Concerto No 2; Waldteufel: "The Ice Skaters", Waltzs; Honegger: "Rugby" (Symphonic Movement No 2); Prokofiev: March for Brass Orchestra ("for the Spartakiad"); Shostakovich: "Football" from "The Golden Age"; Dunaevsky: Music from "Kuban Cossacks"; Blanter: Football march
February, 2018
07:00 pm, Wed
Schubert, Shostakovich, Khachaturian, Piazzolla
St. Petersburg State Academic Symphony Orchestra
Artistic director and conductor - Alexander Titov
Rebikov: Waltz from the Yolka; Schubert; Shostakovich: Ballet Suite No 2; Piazzolla: Tango; Khachaturian : Dances from "Gayane", Excerpts from Masquerade
February, 2018
07:00 pm, Thur
"Bach. Beethoven. Wisdom and Passion"
Rustam Komachkov - cello; Alexei Goribol - piano
J.-S. Bach: Cello suite No 6, Sonata No 3 for Viola da gamba and Clavier; Sibelius: "Melancholy" for ello and Piano; Beethoven
February, 2018
08:00 pm, Fri
Dances and Overtures
Conductor - Alexander Kantorov
Rossini: L'italiana in Algeri; Mozart: Overture from The Marriage of Figaro; Dvořák: Two Slavonic Dances; Brahms: Two Hungarian Dances; Bizet: Overture to "Carmen", Three Intermissions from "Carmen"; Glinka: Oriental Dances from "Ruslan and Lyudmila"; Mussorgsky: Dance of the Persian Slave; Rimsky-Korsakov: Overture from the Tsar's Bride; Tchaikovsky: Waltz from The Sleeping Beauty; Borodin: Polovtsian Dances
February, 2018
07:00 pm, Fri
Jazz Evening
Stanislav Chigadaev - piano; Grigory Voskoboynik - double bass; Pyotr Miheev - percussion
Georgy Nefyodov
Vivaldi; Paganini; Stravinsky; Shostakovich; Monti; Milhaud; Velázquez; Abreu
Organizers: "Enterpriserusart"
February, 2018
08:00 pm, Sat
Conductor - Nikolay Alexeev
Tchaikovsky, Janáček
Conductor - Nikolay Alexeev
Mlada Khudoley - soprano; Yulia Matochkina - mezzo-soprano; Boris Stepanov - tenor; Vladimir Felyauer - bass; Bárta - organ (Czech Republic)
Janáček: Glagolitic Mass for Soloists, Choir, Organ and Orchestra; Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.5
February, 2018
07:00 pm, Sat
Ambar music group
Alexander Rozhdenstvensky - violin; Francisco Gonzalez - guitar (Columbia); Nelson Gomez - guitarar (Columbia); Juan Fernando Garcia - percussion, flute (Columbia); Igor Fedorov - clarinet
Cancelled concert
February, 2018
08:00 pm, Sun
Marches and Songs of the Revolution and Civil War
St Petersburg Concert Choir
Boys choir of the Glinka choral college
Conductor - Alexander Titov
conductor - Vladimir Begletsov
Yulia Kantor - author and presenter
Shillinger; Zaderatsky; Glière: Revolutionary Dance for Orchestra; Rachmaninoff: Symphony No.2
February, 2018
03:00 pm, Sun
Gershwin, Dunaevsky
"Harmony" Jazz Ensemble
Stanislav Chigadaev - piano; Anna Kucheryavy - soprano; Anna Vikulina - soprano; Togriy Bazhakin - baritone; Yaroslava Serdobolskaya - piano
Alexander Galitsky - presenter
February, 2018
07:00 pm, Sun
Evgeny Izotov - piano
Rachmaninoff: "Elegy", "Melody", , Seven Preludes, Six Musical Moments
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